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The problem isn’t that you need better headshots, branding, network, or reps. And it’s not even about timing, opportunity, or luck. 

Why am I not where I want to be in my career?

It's time to ask yourself a brave question:

You can’t stop overthinking. You feel rundown by your circumstances. You let fear win. You are stuck in “survival mode.”  On bad days, you wonder… Maybe the problem is just me.

I’m here to tell you: It’s not. It’s your subconscious programming sabotaging your progress by keeping you mentally and emotionally stuck.

Something is blocking you from real success.








I help actors breakthrough their mental and emotional stuckness and follow through on their purpose without excuses or fears.

I help you do the work where it will last - in your subconscious. Before I ever worked with clients, I transformed my own life, from being unfulfilled in my creative career to becoming an empowered, financially secure actor. 

Now, I help actors take control of their careers and lives, like I did.

Most importantly, I’m an actor, too. I understand the journey.

Hi, I’m Nzinga, a mindset coach for actors and the founder of Empowered to Act®. 

Having strength, confidence, self-determination, and the belief in one’s own ability and actions to reach one’s highest potential.

adj.  /əmˈpou(ə)rd/



I get it because I’ve been there. From doubt, overwhelm and burnout…. to completely transforming my life. I now help actors take control of their lives and careers from the inside out.

Follow Through on Your Purpose

Professional actress, author, founder of Secret Actor Society

Kym Jackson

“My barometer for what I will do or won't do is based on the people who are involved in it, and Nzinga is a person I trust implicitly. Nzinga is such a giving human being and she radiates positivity and she radiates warmth and caring.”

Nzinga is a person I trust implicitly.

Never let fear of rejection hold you back

Overcome anxiety so you feel grounded and focused no matter what life brings

Stop overwhelming yourself with busy work so that you can spend time on the projects that matter most

Break through past patterns of behavior, worry, doubt, overwhelm

Overcome your fear of visibility

Intuitively trust yourself and step into your power

Go after what you want without resistance or excuses and…

Mindset coaching for actors to help you heal from your past, attract what you want, achieve your most audacious goals, and align your life with your purpose.

Are you ready to get out of your own way for good?

Hey actors, 

*MOST COMPREHENSIVE - Also includes Empowered to Dream and Empowered to Release 


Heal past wounds and rewrite your future. Heal the root cause of your mental and emotional blocks — in just 2 days.

Best for when you want to do the deep work, but don’t have lots of time.

2-Day VIP Intensive


Empowered to


Rewire your mindset for success. Fully heal, get out of your own way, rewire your mindset, and manifest your dream career.

Best for when you’re ready to heal completely

Signature Program


Empowered to



Get clear about what you’re working toward. Get your motivation back by defining what you really want + your “why.”

Best for when you’re stuck and want immediate results

A 90-Minute Clarity Call


Empowered to

Choose the container that best fits your timeline & needs

Let's Work Together

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Not sure which container is right for you? I’m here to help. 

professional actor and singer

Fredena Williams

“Nzinga’s energy really allows people to be open. Because you can trust her. And trust is not something that comes easy for me. But if you wanna work on yourself, you have to be able to trust a person. I think the reason it’s so easy to trust Nzinga is that she genuinely wants to help you. This may be her business, but it's more than a business, it's who she is. And that's far more valuable.”

You wanna talk to someone who genuinely wants to listen...

Founder of Ignite Your Dreams Coaching and Training Academy

 LaTalya Palmer

“Working with Nzinga helped me release a lot of the shame that I was holding on to and helped me to step out no matter how I was feeling…Since working with Nzinga, I am bolder. I am willing to take more risks. Before, I sheltered my emotions a great deal and didn't take a lot of emotional risks. And that showed up in my business. There were things that I wouldn't do because of what I thought the feedback or repercussion would be. Now, I’m doing things that I would not have done before…”

Since working with Nzinga, I am bolder.

Video Editor & Professional Actor

Brandon Wade

“After working with Nzinga, it feels like coming into your living space and knowing that you need to take out the trash like usual… but then looking around and realizing there's no trash in there. It’s kind of like getting a phone update. You wake up one day and it says, ‘Oh, your phone has been updated.’ I’ll be doing something, and I’ll think, ‘Oh yeah, that's right. I used to do this thing and I don't do that anymore."

Finally, I just feel more assertive.

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