I help actors breakthrough their mental and emotional stuckness and follow through on their purpose without excuses or fears.

Most importantly, I understand the journey.

Professional Actor, Mindset Coach, and Founder of ETA

Hi, I'm Nzinga

In Oprah’s commencement speech to Spelman College, she ended with this: 

 Why I Do This Work

“Find a way to serve, as your greatness is determined by service. Service and the significance with which you bring to your service is that which is lasting.”

Whenever someone asks me why I’m in this work, I’m reminded of this wisdom. 

Through Empowered to Act®, I have melded my passions for acting, personal development, and coaching into a program that serves the greatest good. 

I’m so, so grateful you’re here.

my story

A few years ago, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. But like many young hopefuls, things did not go as planned. 

My life became consumed by the worst “survival job" I’d ever had, leaving me zero time to audition or energy to devote to my acting career. Amid all this, I was dealing with a variety of mental health diagnoses due to persistent depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and mood disorders. I was prescribed different types of medication, but nothing seemed to solve the problem.

One day, as I was sitting on the couch tying my shoelace, I looked up and realized: “I need a break.” Sure enough, that night I was in the emergency room, unable to walk. My body refused to keep living a life that was wrong for me. It simply couldn't allow it any longer.

How I Got Here and What I’ve Learned Along the Way


That night, I took out a composition notebook and titled it “My Path to Greatness!” This was the beginning of what I now refer to as “My Year of Healing.” I dove into learning every healing modality I possibly could, and experimented with them on myself to discover what works. Not everything did. Some things worked for only a short time, and some I only used once. But some modalities became the holy grail for me because they were fast, easy and effective.

Ultimately, I was able to release a multitude of trapped emotions, stressful past traumas, and limiting beliefs. That's when everything in my life started to change.

I knew then that something had to change, and that change was going to come from within me


I used to feel the crushing weight of resistance when it came to showing up for myself and my acting career. For instance, self-taping for auditions had become an unbearable chore. I would either procrastinate by avoiding it, or push myself by over-preparing — Both left me feeling terribly unprepared.

Now, self-taping is a fun experience I look forward to. I no longer feel anxious about auditioning, or seek validation through my acting. I no longer fear rejection because I trust myself and fully trust my instrument.

Every aspect of my life has dramatically improved: My career, my physical and mental health, and my relationships.


I no longer worry, beat myself up, or get frustrated when I make mistakes. I was finally able to get out of my own way by changing my mindset and patterns of behavior.

Now, I easily maintain a productive routine, I keep my schedule organized, and I consistently progress toward my goals whereas before I would sabotage my own path, and struggle to keep any good habit for long.

I wake every morning feeling good, motivated, and stress-free instead of constantly feeling tired or dreading my day.


I embrace an abundance of opportunities and enjoy the journey every step of the way. I am profoundly happy and filled with gratitude. I’ve been able to move into the luxury apartment of my dreams, find true love, book dream jobs such as the lead voice-over actor in a Netflix film, shoot and film a passion project, and was invited to special-guest perform for one of LA’s prominent improv teams.

Finally, I no longer suffer from depression or anxiety. Despite being told by several doctors that I’d need medication for the rest of my life, I am completely medication-free and maintaining exceptional mental health!

As a direct result of my inner work, my acting career took a giant leap forward.


Let's do it!

The reason why I’m so open about my successes and failures is that I want to show you what’s possible for you. 

As I began to experience the success and happiness I always strived for, I couldn't bear to see the pain and struggle my fellow actors continued to cope with, not to mention hearing them say they've tried coaching programs that didn't work, and that "the problem might just be with them". 

FACT #3: While in grad school for my MFA, I owned 4 turtles named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Michael Angelo was my fave because he loved to sunbathe.

FACT #2: My first public performance was performing an original rap written by my mom. My sister and I won 1st place: a Hot n’ Gold hair dryer.

FACT #1: I was the lead singer of a band in Australia called Jack to Jack.

Fun Facts About Me!

▶ Certified Mindset Coach
▶ Rapid Subconscious Belief Change
▶ Rapid Emotional Release
▶ Rapid Behavior Change
▶ Award-winning Actor
▶ SAG-AFTRA member
▶ Actor’s Equity Association member
▶ MFA in Acting (National Theatre Conservatory)

My professional certifications include:

Ready to get started? I’m here to help.