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I moved to LA knowing I wanted to act. That’s it. It wasn’t until I clearly defined what that meant for me that my career started getting real traction. Because I knew exactly where I was going I could then take the necessary actions to get me there. 

How would defining your dreams make a difference in your career? What would that type of clarity mean for you? 

“Defining your Dreams is the Key to Making your Dreams a Reality” 

Before I ever worked with clients, I transformed my own life, which first began with getting clear on my dreams and what I truly wanted out of life.

make your dreams a reality?

Are you ready to...

This is not a simple vision boarding and goal setting session. This is much deeper than that. This will uncover not just your dreams but your true underlying motivations for why you have these dreams in the first place. 

Then, we will uncover from all the possible levels of change what you need to add to or eliminate from your life to get you back on your path to living your dreams.

I want to support you to define your “why”.

My dream is still what I revisit daily to keep me moving forward. Your ‘why’ never goes away and once you define it you will use it over and over again.

Once I got clarity around my dreams, I felt a renewed sense of myself. I understood why I was waking up and the apathy and lack of motivation I was feeling started to slowly dissolve away. 

...so that you take bold, clear, confident action towards your dreams 

Create a plan to move forward

...at all possible levels of change so that you’re 100% clear on what needs to happen to realize your dreams

Uncover what’s standing in your way

...and more importantly, understand your true underlying motivations

Get clear on your dreams

Empowered to Dream is a single, 90-minute mindset coaching session to help you get fast and immediate clarity in your life and career:

What is Empowered to Dream?

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How it Works:

Founder of Ignite Your Dreams Coaching and Training Academy

 LaTalya Palmer

“Working with Nzinga helped me release a lot of the shame that I was holding on to and helped me to step out no matter how I was feeling…Since working with Nzinga, I am bolder. I am willing to take more risks. Before, I sheltered my emotions a great deal and didn't take a lot of emotional risks. And that showed up in my business. There were things that I wouldn't do because of what I thought the feedback or repercussion would be. Now, I’m doing things that I would not have done before…”

Since working with Nzinga, I am bolder.

Video Editor & Professional Actor

Brandon Wade

"After working with Nzinga, it feels like coming into your living space and knowing that you need to take out the trash like usual… but then looking around and realizing there's no trash in there. It’s kind of like getting a phone update. You wake up one day and it says, ‘Oh, your phone has been updated.’ I’ll be doing something, and I’ll think, ‘Oh yeah, that's right. I used to do this thing and I don't do that anymore."

Finally, I just feel more assertive.

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Book Your Empowered to Dream session for just $247.00

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