See how this work has transformed the personal and professional lives of my past clients!


Professional actress, author, founder of Secret Actor Society

Kym Jackson

“My barometer for what I will do or won't do is based on the people who are involved in it, and Nzinga is a person I trust implicitly. Nzinga is such a giving human being and she radiates positivity and she radiates warmth and caring.”

Since my sessions with Nzinga, my endometrial cyst has shrunk progressively. They're not supposed to do that. They're supposed to just grow. You usually can only shrink them by having hormone-restrictive treatments that take all the hormones out of your body and push you into a post-menopausal state. However, my experience has been the opposite. Since my treatment with Nzinga, I've done five rounds of IVF where all they've done is pumped me up with hormones that should make it grow, and it hasn't!” 

Nzinga is a person I trust implicitly.

Video Editor & Professional Actor

Brandon Wade

After working with Nzinga, it feels like coming into your living space and knowing that you need to take out the trash like usual… but then looking around and realizing there's no trash in there. It’s kind of like getting a phone update. You wake up one day and it says, ‘Oh, your phone has been updated.’ I’ll be doing something, and I’ll think, ‘Oh yeah, that's right. I used to do this thing and I don't do that anymore.’

For example, I used to be chronically late; you could not even pay me to be on time. I would set my clocks back and stuff like that, and it would never work. And then through working with Nzinga, all of a sudden within a week I had stopped being late. Now, I'm never late to anything.

Also, I always used to have this impostor thing going on. I always had to be prepared, look a certain way, talk a certain way. I feel I don't have to really do that anymore. 

Finally, I just feel more assertive without having to be overbearing. I feel much safer and much more full in my own body.”

Finally, I just feel more assertive.

Vocalist and Vocal Coach

Lola Rutherford

“My self discipline (or lack thereof) has always been a thorn in my side when it came to doing work that I didn’t necessarily enjoy but needed to be done. As a business owner, I knew that sorting this out would help me grow so my session with Nzinga was focused around this. 

Listening to her voice during the hypnosis experience lulled me into one of the deepest relaxed states I’ve ever experienced, and as she guided me it was as if she was in my head and knew exactly what I wanted and needed. I wasn’t sure how effective the experience would be (first time) but since the session I have definitely noticed quite a big increase in my self discipline to just sit down and get things started! 

It’s been a good month now since we worked together and I’m pleased to say it feels like my added focus is here to stay! 

Nzinga is an incredible listener with such a comforting, trustworthy energy and really took the time and care to create a personalised session that would truly benefit me. If you are wanting a skilled coach who is in your corner, I highly recommend Nzinga!”

My added focus is here to stay!

professional actor and singer

Fredena Williams

Steve Wood

"And trust is not something that comes easy for me. But if you wanna work on yourself, you have to be able to trust a person. I think the reason it’s so easy to trust Nzinga is that she genuinely wants to help you. This may be her business, but it's more than a business, it's who she is. And that's far more valuable.

You don't want a doctor that looks at you with a dollar sign on your head. Or how he's gonna pay for his next house or car or vacation. You want a doctor that went into medicine because they wanted to help someone. You wanna talk to someone who wants to hear what you have to say because they genuinely wanna listen and help you if you're struggling. That's who Nzinga is.”

Nzinga’s energy really allows people to be open. Because you can trust her.

Founder of Ignite Your Dreams Coaching and Training Academy

 LaTalya Palmer

"Before, I sheltered my emotions a great deal and didn't take a lot of emotional risks. And that showed up in my business. There were things that I wouldn't do because of what I thought the feedback or repercussion would be. 

Now, I’m doing things that I would not have done before--I even put on a whole summit. That in and of itself was outstanding. And that was a result of the work that we did together. I actually hired a team to help me, and I got very bold about promoting myself, about promoting the summit, about promoting my speakers of the summit. I started building my email list. I put ads out. The whole visibility thing used to be so difficult for me, but after working with Nzinga, it helped me to release a lot of the shame that I was holding on to and helped me to step out no matter how I was feeling. 

To anyone considering working with Nzinga, I say go for it. Hands-down take the step; there's something on the other side that she can help you get to. It can be scary to take this leap, but ask yourself: ‘Is the fear because you may have to get vulnerable and actually make a change?’ And if it is, then that's absolutely the reason that you should do it.”

Since working with Nzinga, I am bolder.

music producer and coach

Steve Woood

Working with Nzinga Changed my Life!


"She will help you with your career but not in the way you may think. Here's the thing. She's not going to tell you which headshots to use (well, actually she might if you ask), but you're wasting your time if you use her this way. What she does is get you out of your own way. When I started with her, I hadn't taken a day off in months, was completely stressed out and generally panicked in my life. But this was nothing new for me. Most of my adult life I have had an underlying stress and anxiety feeling that I called my "gear grinding."

It was this feeling in my head that was like a constant low grade uncomfortable headache that for the most part I would do my best to ignore or turn to other means to attempt to get it to disappear. I thought if I just became "successful" then I'd be happy and it'd disappear. But here's the thing I learned, no amount of external validation or success will cure your deep rooted undealt with emotions. Only doing the work that Nzinga does will clear your root level negative blocks..."

"While Nzinga utilized numerous modalities and exercises to help me, I'd like to relay the moment Nzinga helped me eliminate my "gear grinding" stress reaction once and for all. We were were doing work around my family and what I saw and experienced while growing up. I already knew from doing talk therapy and other work that I had some negative programming around worry, money, and working a job. But I was still holding on to the emotions and beliefs associated with these experiences.

Through Nzinga's guidance I was FINALLY able to allow the emotions to run through me and leave my body. The experience was so powerful, that I manifested the trapped emotions physically. I kid you not, within 3 minutes of having this massive release a boil formed on my right hand between the knuckles of my ring finger and pinky. Not only that, the underside of my right hand turned blue (it stayed that way for weeks before finally disappearing!)..."


"That's how powerful this work is! I could only imagine what holding on to these emotions was doing to me internally if this is how it impacted my body as it was leaving! Now you probably want me to say how I'm absolutely kicking ass now in my career and I've reached unparalleled heights of success, but honestly I don't care anymore. What I have now is an unparalleled level of peace that I've never experienced in my life. A clear heart and mind with a clear sense of purpose.

Since my work with Nzinga, I've actually slowed down my career pursuit and as a result refocused on what I truly want in my life. I'm going back to the basics and building stronger foundations for my career around only the things I truly want in my life. I feel completely grounded and authentic in myself and am living 100% on purpose WITHOUT any sort of "gear grinding" stress accompanying my every move. Thank you Nzinga! If you're thinking about working with Nzinga, stop thinking and just allow yourself to act! You'll be glad you did!"